The Godly Pursuit of Scientific Knowledge

As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (sometimes referred to as the LDS or ‘Mormon’ faith), I find my position in the middle of the debate of Creation vs Evolution debate. While I will not pretend to make the argument in this post of which is the correct interpretation of the revealed word of God in relation to the generally accepted scientific knowledge of the day, I will direct my thoughts as to why this interpretation should be pursued in the first place. Full disclosure: I will use both ancient and modern scripture officially accepted as LDS canon. Continue reading

Christ’s Role in Our Existence

God is Governed by Eternal Laws

An important distinction among Latter-day Saints when speaking about God’s power is that while we believe He can do anything He wants, we believe God wants —and therefore only does— that which is righteous. We believe righteousness is explained most simply as living in accordance to God’s will. While many others Christians would agree with that in word, let me share some examples of how this is applied:

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